Established in 1997 on the MSN Gaming Zone, the Galactic Empire was an online gaming organization dedicated to combating disorder in online multiplayer gaming, and endeavoring to ensure a fair and competitive atmosphere for online gamers anywhere within its reach. Imperials felt it was their moral obligation to empower online gamers to take action against pseudo-elitists and cyber-bullies. The underlying methodologies, the philosophies, the institution and the legacy has, in recent years, come to be known as the Imperial movement. Today, the traditions of the empire's most prominent anti-elitist leaders like Lord Darchind and the Overlords' Circle, and General Seknem's Galactic Imperial Army (GIA), pervade some of the most stringent efforts against elitism.


We are the Imperial movement, enemies of elitism in online multiplayer gaming. We are furthermore proponents of a movement to preserve and protect the integrity of online multiplayer gaming, securing a fair, ethical and competitive atmosphere. We endeavor to employ psychological warfare, in-game confrontation and other strategems necessary to attain our goal.

Latest News

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 (by Darchind @ 1:26 pm PDT)
Conventions with General Skoal and Lord Tahlren have suggested there is definite enthusiasm among us for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront game. Based on my personal commitments over the next few years, I am uncertain how active I will be in the game. Though, it is refreshing to know that the oldest Imperial overlord, second to myself in age, wants to make a return and perhaps help resurrect the Galactic Imperial Army (GIA) division.

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 (by Darchind @ 1:22 pm PDT)
I've found time to make a few adjustments to the design here. In my finding, designing websites to be more text-based than image based is very advantageous, in that the cross-compatibility between browsers and devices is much better. I will be working toward the reset of the content from this point on.

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 (by Darchind @ 12:00 am PDT)
I have been redeveloping my entire approach to graphic and web design over the last few months. I have setup this site to replace the previous. Unlike any of the previous iterations of our site, this one is built strictly with code and CSS stylesheet manipulation. The only exception being the iconic symbol of the Galactic Empire, which I drew in Adobe Illustrator and then post-processed in Adobe Photoshop.