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Gaming Discussion / Re: Battlefront II's (2017) Problems
« Last post by Merantle on February 04, 2019, 03:30:52 AM »
I still play the first one every once in a great while.

Never bothered with that second one. Your highlights of the game's issues only reaffirm my disinterest.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Battlefront II's (2017) Problems
« Last post by Darchind on February 04, 2019, 02:54:44 AM »

Furthermore, the game's balance problems become less severe as one starts to unlock level 2, level 3, and then level 4 perks (star cards). The progression seems hopelessly slow at first, however, and new players don't feel very enthusiastic about the game, especially when they are being constantly griefed by Jedi and other hero characters.

The Jedi and other hero characters are fairly vulnerable and easy to kill. One of the things overlooked is that even if you are fragged by a Jedi or other hero character, you are still awarded score points for dealing damage to them. I reckon most new players, like myself previously, are irritated by the feeling of helplessness against those classes. Even more daunting is the absence of any prospect of playing as one, since the veteran players typically hold a monopoly over the score points and therefore a monopoly over the hero selection.

Critical as I was of DICE's first Star Wars Battlefront game, released in 2015, I have to say that it was an objectively better game than its successor. The mechanics were much more balanced, nearly perfect. More delay on perk usage (especially thermal detonators and other explosives) would have made that game practically masterful. The randomization of the hero icons made sense, granting all players equal chance to play as one. That mechanic also kept the hero classes well regulated, even if they were too powerful at times.
Gaming Discussion / Re: Battlefront II's (2017) Problems
« Last post by Merantle on February 03, 2019, 08:36:51 PM »
Announcements / Re: GE Circle Facebook Group
« Last post by Darchind on February 02, 2019, 03:10:38 PM »
I am rescinding this idea because there is a greater preference to continue to use Discord. Many have concerns about privacy when it comes to social media, and it is understandable.
Gaming Discussion / Battlefront II's (2017) Problems
« Last post by Darchind on February 02, 2019, 02:58:33 PM »
DICE's Star Wars Battlefront II has a plethora of intellectual problems not exclusive to its incoherent game modes.

I picked this game up in November or December of 2017. Because it was so imbalanced, I felt no incentive to play it until last night.

The game's prodigious problems are visible in the Galactic Assault gameplay mode.

First and foremost, pre-established players in possession of level 4 star cards and all weapon perks unlocked hold an unfair advantage over newer players not because they are "better", as they would subjectively argue, but because the perks lent to them by the star cards were designed around a microtransaction system. Like all microtransaction systems, the star cards were part of a greater designed frustration aimed at maximizing the grievance felt by players who are not up to par, enticing them to pay any sum of real currency in exchange for a virtual benefit.

Disney recognized the folly in this system and the widespread antipathy the gaming community expressed toward this model, and they forced EA Games and DICE to disable the microtransaction system the day before the game's release. Though the microtransaction system was disabled, the star card system has continued to remain as it was originally designed: deliberately imbalanced and unfair.

Another profound problem with the game is the design of Galactic Assault. As if the star card system was not already imbalanced, players who possess level 4 star cards tend to gain the highest scores consistently, often granting them a monopoly over the hero and villain selection. They typically pick Jedi or Sith characters and come across as virtually unbeatable to new players, griefing the rest of the player count. There can be as many as six to eight heroes active on each team, making the gameplay extremely stressful for the rest of the players. More importantly, because the highest scorers are the pre-established players with the level 4 star cards, newer players are never given the opportunity to play as heroes or villains themselves.

EA's and DICE's previous Star Wars Battlefront game had it better: a randomization of the hero icon, giving all players equal chance in a sort of lottery to play as a hero. Most everyone who played that game for a reasonable amount of time can say with certainty that they were able to play as a hero at least a few times. Conversely, those who have played Star Wars Battlefront II could probably say they have never had even a single chance because of the pre-established players' monopolization in each and every round.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a state of the art looking game. It is well made visually. However, because of its illogical gameplay mechanics, it is hard to say it is anything but complete and utter garbage. EA Games deserves every bit of the profit losses it has incurred for the title.
Miscellaneous Discussion / Vader
« Last post by Merantle on January 28, 2019, 01:20:13 PM »
The Greatest Frame in Return of the Jedi

Miscellaneous Discussion / Re: When others call you a "dick"...
« Last post by Merantle on January 28, 2019, 01:15:04 PM »
General Discussion / Re: The Old History
« Last post by Merantle on January 28, 2019, 12:50:55 PM »
Ran across a .txt file with a handful of names, some quite old.

?Actor, General
?Anubis, General
?Ares, General
?Aralius, (General) Seknem
?Cable, COMS_
?Carosine, Dihed
?Charizard, Lord
?Chimaera, Chancellor
?Cydrin, General
?Daemonicus, Lord
?Darchind, Lord Darth
?Darkahn, Lord
?Deadeye, JG_
?Denom, General
?Dernael, Lord
?Desmond, Emperor
?Duss, Angel
?Eradicator, The
?Erythros, General
?Exodus, Lord Darth
?Fanthom, Lord
?Fett, Lord
?Gloobenhagen, Admiral
?Hides, ISO_
?Hoofubethi, Monstro
?Iraiden, Teral
?Jaguar, JG_
?Jedi_Ace, General
?Joab, Quin-Mal
?Kanos, Kir
?Kalydron, Akan
?Kate_GOE, Empress_
?Koldren, Lord
?Kiil, Sith_Darth_
?Kilgorin, Lord
?Kittyklawz, CRK_
?Klahb, Jer-Khan
?Korzac, General
?Landon, JK_
?Leviathan, Admiral
?Locke, General
?Luke, Dark_Appr_
?Lustahn, Darth
?Manix, General
?Maverick, General
?Merantle, Lord
?Morbious, Darth
?Morpheous, Lord
?Narsil, ISO_
?Nerailus, Lord
?Nocturne, Lord
?Plant, General
?Rage, Sith_Darth_
?Reaper, Lord
?Savage, General
?Sidious, Emperor
?Sinmok, General
?Siron, Anduil
?Sorath, Lord
?Strife, Minister
?Tahlren, Lord Darth
?Talamaur, Lord
?Talon, General
?Tarkin, General
?Tears, Angel
?Technicolour, Admiral
?Tessek, General
?Torael, Lord
?Torraider, Ledel
?Veon Kurr, Consul
?Vieren, Lord
?Viers, General
?Viper, General
?Vitiern, Darth
?Voodoo, JG_
?Wolverine, Admiral
?Xaleth, General
?Xaphias, Darth
?Zephyrus, General
General Discussion / Re: The New Visions
« Last post by Merantle on January 20, 2019, 02:10:22 AM »
Excellent concept. You should do one with the "Tusken" model from JK, hahaha.
General Discussion / Re: The New Visions
« Last post by Darchind on January 19, 2019, 11:03:22 PM »
Here's a new experimental I did tonight.
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