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Short Critique: Architects Update
« on: September 09, 2017, 11:52:14 AM »
I like most everything about this update. The previous requirement to build initial structures with gathered rocks was extremely antagonizing to me and many people. I am glad that was eliminated completely. Objective players triumphed over fanboy loyalists, who argued that it was a "cool" addition solely because it was "new" and "interesting".

1. First and foremost, I think the Scientist class is redundant. I have found there is no justification for having the class in the game because its skills fit right into the Engineer class. Playing a test-run as an Engineer between last night and this morning, I found that farming science points was pathetically easy. But the reason I think Scientist is redundant is because the things it is designed to build fit well into the Engineer class regardless.

2. Marine represents the extremity of the combat element. Engineer represents the extremity of the build element. Ranger represents what's in between. Scientist is pointless and redundant. All the game needs, realistically, are three classes.

3. Graphics are poorly optimized on highest possible settings. I want to assume that MSAA or SMAA antialising is likely causing the problem. Common knowledge is that such antialiasing, though superior to FXAA in aesthetic quality, dishes out framerate that is too poor in comparison. This is why most players, especially in competitive multiplayer, will opt for FXAA, even if they have a competent or superior gaming rig with a GTX 1080.

4. Does lead, lithium, or rubber still exist in the game? I see no rubber trees, and I am tempted to think the only way to acquire rubber now is to craft it. Excavating about three-thousand meters of ground, I found not a single instance of lead or lithium; just a multitude of basic and precious metals such as iron and aluminum, as well as titanium and copper.

5. The initial mission sequence leads me to think I should build a furnace, a forge, a habitat, and establish my own settlement before following the mission guide to the Osiris base. I learned the hard truth that more edible, flat land seems to be available as one progresses toward the Osiris base, and it is not apparent until after a player has already wasted their time building a settlement, likely on rocky or rigid terrain that is generally uncomfortable.

6. It seems to make no sense for the Engineer class to attempt to use melee weapons for self defense. Enemy units are typically too fast, emboldened by the lack of horizontal running (strafing) on the account of the player. This is understandable for the Engineer, as the class itself should, by design, be weaker than Marine or Ranger in combat.

Other than that, I think this game is moving in a positive direction again. Keep up the good work, developers, but please take the aforementioned criticisms into account if you have not already.
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