Author Topic: Has Cheating Gone to Critical Mass?  (Read 495 times)


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Has Cheating Gone to Critical Mass?
« on: October 26, 2017, 12:38:19 AM »

In the thread linked above, a number of players in EA Games' official community for Star Wars Battlefront discuss the cheating epidemic that has plagued Star Wars Battlefront since its release. They also stress the lack of attention, on EA Games' part, for the integrity of the game product.

There are two types of cheaters, in my experience.

There are cheaters who cheat for perhaps sociopathic reasons. By cheating in a video game, they can grief other players, and then revel in the fact that other players are unable to retaliate. In their demented minds, this gives them a sense of power over others. Command and control is their end goal, nothing more. Typically, because they do not have control of their respective situations in their offline lives, they hope to gain control over their respective situations in their online experiences. Cheating, as with aimbots and wallhacks, is just a means to attain that control.

On the other hand, there are cheaters who moderate themselves; pretending not to cheat, and even going to great lengths to recuse themselves from any allegations of cheating. These are the supreme egotists, the ones who crave adulation and self-validation from others. They hope to convince others they are inherently "good" at the game, and that anyone who accuses them of cheating, despite the empiricism in aimbot usage, is just salty.

Like everyone else in our organization, I am all too familiar with the latter, having worked to expose, defame, and delegitimize them for almost twenty years.

Many players, like myself, have opted to not purchase Star Wars Battlefront II for fear of the same case of EA Games' lethargy recurring once the game reaches a certain age (one year, at best) and becomes dated. That has been EA Games' attitude with regard to Star Wars Battlefront, and it will likely be EA Games' attitude with regard to Star Wars Battlefront II.

EA Games must not feel any obligation to protect the integrity of its products when it has (1) a monopoly on the Star Wars license and (2) reassurance that many consumers will foolishly buy their games regardless, so long as the Star Wars label is applied.

The only way to punish such arrogance (though, EA Games has made no official statement, even if the above is conclusive of their position) is to boycott their products.
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