Author Topic: Solution for Far Cry 4 Save Discrepancy  (Read 1794 times)


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Solution for Far Cry 4 Save Discrepancy
« on: December 16, 2014, 01:34:45 AM »
It is common to find yourself without the loot chests, thangkas, Mohan Ghale's letters or other trinkets that you may have collected because upon loading Far Cry 4 you are defaulted back to a previous state.

If you elected to save your game with all of those things collected, the data is still very much there. For whatever reason, Far Cry 4 is just not loading it. You will find your data recorded in a Save001 or Save002 file, whichever was modified most recently. I suggest you navigate to your respective savegame directory for Far Cry 4 and view the files by Date Modified to confirm. Delete the previously modified file and leave only the recently modified file.

However, you would have to do this everytime you want to load your last save because of Ubisoft's developers having overlooked what appears to be a source code conflict between the new save game mechanisms of Far Cry 4 and the means of saving a game in Far Cry 3.

I have discovered a simple solution that prevents you from having to do all that, at least until Ubisoft addresses this problem.

Simply go to any outpost you have conquered, either on foot or by quick travel (whichever you prefer). Inside of your quarters, access your bed and change the time of day. Then, save the game via options menu (hit Esc) or choose the Save & Quit option via options menu. Upon reloading the game, your last save will properly load. This is the only way one can trust that their saved data will be recorded and loaded properly.
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Re: Solution for Far Cry 4 Save Discrepancy
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2016, 12:31:07 PM »
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