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My Lullaby
« on: February 20, 2016, 01:02:07 PM »
Sleep, my little neocon. Let your dreams take wing.
One day when you're big and strong, you will kill Al-Singh!

I've been exiled, persecuted, left alone with no defense.
When I think of what Bin Laden did, I get a little tense.

But I dream a dream so pretty, that I don't feel so depressed.
'Cause it soothes my inner Templar, and it helps me get some rest.

The sound of Saddam's dying gasp; his supporters squealing in our grasp;
his sympathizers' mournful cry; that's my lullaby!

Vietnam I've tried forgetting, and the banks I could forgive.
Trouble is I know it's petty because I hate to let them live.

So we'll find ourselves somebody who'll chase Putin up a tree.
Oh, the battle may be bloody, but that kind of work's for me.

The melody of M1 growls; a counterpoint of painful howls;
a symphony of death, oh my! That's my lullaby!

Kristol's gone...but Wolfowitz is still around to guide this little lad...

...'Til he grows to be a KILLER...with a lust for being bad!

The pounding of the drums of war! The thrill of F-22's as they soar!
The joy of vengeance, testify! That's my lullaby!

I can hear the cheering. Payback time is nearing.
And then our flag will fly against a blood-red sky that's my lullaby!
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