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Title: GE History (New Version)
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This is my new draft of our organization's history, spanning from 1999 to 2019. I have done away with the fiction-based, sensationalized versions of the past. This new version is told from my personal perspective. The events themselves are told exactly as they were over the past twenty years. I will be making updates to these texts as I go.


During the height of the Dotcom Boom (c. 1999), online multiplayer gaming was predominated by competitive, free-for-all style deathmatch titles. Like many, I was drawn to PC platform titles, especially those of the Star Wars genre. The Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace movie’s release sparked a cult-like following. Its video game equivalent, by the same title, was among my first inspirations in online gaming. Having liked both the movie and the video game so much, I searched for similar titles and found my way to the trial versions of Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, which required registration on the MSN Gaming Zone, the center of all online multiplayer gaming of the time.

Like many people on the MSN Gaming Zone, I found solace in the digital interactions I had with other players. I was befriended by an individual who used the screen name _Raziel_. He shared my intrigue in Star Wars canon and its light and dark side allegories. We met another friend along the way, who used the screen name Sindel_ and formed a guild called The New Sith Empire. Our guild was short-lived, however, as both _Raziel_ and ¬Sindel_ would each follow their own paths.

Imperial themed and Jedi themed guilds (colloquially referred to as “clans”) were the dominant trends in Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. They formed the base of the player community, which distinguished the heroes and villains among its members based on who was most liked versus who was least liked. The popularity contest became ever clear to me when SL_Darkk, an individual I bested in a few meaningless duels, lashed out at me in the public lobby. New to this kind of adversity online, I rushed to defend myself; I was outnumbered by the player community, and people I had called friends took his side with little to no question. I decided on that day that I have my revenge. I would become more than just an anathema. I would be as a curse upon them and become the embodiment of everything they hated.

I toyed with the alias “Darth Reaper” and similar handles in my effort to concoct a new identity that played on roleplayer trends. _Raziel_ suggested that I reminded him of a dark angel, persuasive yet clandestine and sinister. The name “Darchind” (pronounced “Dar-shind”) soon occurred to me. It was a clumsy yet catchy anagram for that very thing, a dark angel, especially since my becoming persona non grata could be likened to the fall of Lucifer according to biblical allegory. Like Lucifer in the Old Testament, I would not lower my standard or stray from what is true in order to appease the majority.

This inception period of the Darchind persona prompted me to decide that in order to be an effective villain and fulfill my oath of vengeance, I would have to project the image of a Sith Lord and maintain relevance to the Star Wars theme. I also decided that I would need to look for others like me and raise an imperial themed guild, conveying my image as an oppressor. _Raziel_ and I formed a new guild called The Dark Empire, inspired by fiction from the Star Wars expanded universe. Though we recruited others, there seemed to be nothing unique about anything we did. The Imperial Sith Council, as we called it, comprised of myself, _Raziel_, Shrider (later renamed Tahlren), Fanthom, Nocturne, Fett, Reaper, Charizard, and Morpheus. We waged war on groups such as the Jedi Guardians (JG) and the Ultimate Destroyers (UD), but we did not seem to have a purpose. Our council assembly sought to do exactly what the other groups were doing: to pretend to be characters of fiction, lead disciples, and in the end accomplish nothing. It became increasingly clear to me that we needed a higher purpose.

Updated 7-4-19:

Among the most prominent imperial themed guilds on the gaming zone was the Avatar Empire (AV). Its multi-gaming platform enabled its leader, Lord Avatar, to sustain a sphere of influence that spanned across multiple games, most of which were in the Star Wars genre. I frequently found myself annoyed with his organization's presence, all the while admiring its structure. His organization's structure would be one of three major inspirations that I would draw from in shaping my own organization.

Emperor_Sidious' "alliance of clans" concept for his own organization, which he plainly called The Empire, was the second of these inspirations. Unlike Avatar, who preferred to subdivide his organization into multiple divisions, Sidious preferred a central government presiding over a network of guilds that followed his directive. Their purpose was moot, however, as they aspired to accomplish little more than to live out fantasies driven by Star Wars expanded universe canon. Sidious took notice of our membership base's growth at some point in fall 1999. He sent his deputy, Dark_Appr_Luke, along with COMS_Cable, NE_Kir_Kanos, as well as other minions of his to interrupt our war with the New Sith guild, a guild formed by Sith_Legend, who was formerly darth_hard_butt, a recruit of mine when Raziel, Sindel, and I had the New Sith Empire guild. Sidious also reached out to the Jedi Guardians (JG), the Ultimate Destroyers (UD), and virtually anyone with whom we were on belligerent terms. During our war with Sidious' organization, we became aware of the existence of cogs, modified versions of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II's .cog extension files that enabled illicit exploits such as toggle god mode, extended lightsaber hitbox range, and the infamous everfade, which targeted a player and fragged them repeatedly in rapid succession. Supplied by acclaimed hacker EAH_Triscuit, we engaged Sidious in a psychological war that was fought on two fronts: politics and cheating. We eventually found our winning edge when we convinced his supposed finacé, CRK_KittyKlaws, to turn on him. Distraught, he claimed she should have been proud for "accomplishing what no one else could accompish", that she "killed Sidious". Sidious challenged me to one final duel at the Bespin Mining Station map, where I defeated him 4-0. He abdicated after the duel and never showed himself again. He was never legitimately skilled, but it certainly felt as though he was not trying, I thought.

Updated 7-19-19:

I spent the rest of the year 2000 reorganizing the Dark Empire into the Galactic Empire. With Sidious and his faction out of the way, and with the Avatar Empire (AV) having imploded due to internal problems, I felt I could afford to be more ostentatious and build a new organization that was partly inspired by Star Wars fiction but otherwise focused on application as it pertained to the gaming community. Though Sidious was out of the way, some of the guilds he had presided over still existed. The Jedi Guardians (JG) and the Ultimate Destroyers (UD), led respectively by JG_Phoenix and UD_UL_Dreco were two of such, and they had expansionist ambitions that conflicted with our own. We engaged both guilds, as well as others, in mutual provocations that spanned from the chat lobbies to the forums, unto in-game duels and contests. The Jedi Guardians (JG), feeling their guild's reputation was at stake, began to collude with FIA_SANTA, FIA_PIZZA1 and the Flying Imperial Assassins (FIA), a known hacking guild. They used that relationship in order to develop game hacks more sophisticated than the malcontent FIA released to the public. In reaction, I sought the assistance of EAH_Triscuit of the Evil Allied Hacks (EAH) guild, the FIA guild's larger competitor. Triscuit supplied me with remodified game hacks that superseded most of anything FIA had released. He was interested in maintaining a sense of balance in the community; and, perhaps, offsetting his FIA competitors.

I was particularly annoyed that one of my old partners, Sindel_, had joined FIA. That compelled me to engage FIA and the rest of these groups with utmost conviction, especially she had felt protective of them in her predilection against me.

Under the alias GE_SG_Viers, I experimented in Mechwarrior III and built an impressive roster, comprised of loyal recruits such as Wolverine and Venom, both of whom ascended to General ranks in our Imperial Army. Unfortunately, the MechWarrior III division served little more than recreational purposes for us, as we were always drawn back to Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II. A similar experience was had in Diablo II and then Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

The Imperial Sith Council and I were engaged in seemingly internecine warfare with the Jedi Guardians (JG) and the Ultimate Destroyers (UD). But by mid 2000, we found ourselves also engaged in conflict with a new competitor. A new guild calling itself The Galactic Empire (TGE) materialized under Emperor_Des (Desmond), whom I found to be overly sanctimonious. Naturally, we felt offended by what we regarded to be an act of infringement upon our namesake, despite Des' logical contention that we had no claim to the namesake because it was rooted in Star Wars canon. However, we were compelled to assert otherwise, hunting and harassing his members at every turn in their sessions and disrupting their overall recruitment efforts. Des reacted by accusing us of Satanic worship, insinuating our motivations were based in malice and pure evil. We pounded his member base nonetheless until he lost interest and disappeared from the gaming zone. The stigma of being a GE member and therefore Satanic, then, was purveyed by the Jedi Guardians (JG), the Flying Imperial Assassins (FIA), and other associations responsible for propaganda against us.

Although Des disappeared and his TGE members each found their way to new guilds, one member who went by the name THE_ERADICATOR served to be a major source of entertainment for our member base over the next few years. He was mocked for his illiteracy, his lack of coherence, and his lack of proficiency in English.

Updated 7-22-19:

By the summer of 2001, I had grown dissatisfied with the conventional guild structure of our organization. The hierarchy of the United States military branches were a great influence to me, so I drafted a new hierarchy on that basis. While we had always attempted to build the army with failed experimental leaderships like those of General Darconn (GE_GG_Darconn) and General Nukem (GE_G_Nukem), I always fancied the idea of expanding into games that justified having a formal navy as well. With my then associates Shiva, Chimaera, Veon Kurr, Ares, Strife, and the overlord Lord Torael, I reorganized the empire into five divisions: the Galactic Imperial Army (GIA), the Galactic Imperial Navy (GIN), the Galactic Imperial Marine Corps (GIMC), the Galactic Imperial Air Force (GIAF), and the Imperial Government (IG) to preside over the other four. Shiva would become the IG division's first Supreme Chancellor (SC), joined by Chimaera, Veon Kurr, Ares, and Strife.

In our search for a leader to take command of the army, Shiva and I stumbled upon a player who went by the name IRG_Lee, who was posing as a member of the Imperial Royal Guard (IRG) guild for his own reasons. I was impressed with his tenacity and subsequent leadership convictions. Shiva and I promptly recruited him and appointed him to lead the GIA division as its first Supreme General (SG). He was known, thenceforth, as Seknem.

General Seknem moved swiftly to overhaul the GIA division and reinvent the empire's army component in his own image. He imparted a fundamental rationale of quality over quantity, inspiring the directives of his successors for years to come. He stressed the importance of recruiting and training a loyal, dedicated, and efficient fighting force, expressing his utter disdain for the trend of large but thoroughly inefficient and incompetent rosters of other associations. From my list of associates, I selected Tessek, formerly TEH_Emperor of The Emperor's Hand (TEH), a guild that Emperor_Sidious had presided over, to compliment Seknem as the GIA division's first High Grand General (HGG).

Reclaiming Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II from the control of the Jedi Guardians (JG) was Seknem's first objective. He waged a direct in-game war on the Jedi Guardians (JG), bombarding them with sheer force of will. I seconded his efforts by waging a campaign of psychological warfare on message boards and in the chat lobbies. Toward the release of Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, the Jedi Guardians (JG) reorganized into a new guild, calling themselves The One (The_1), but Seknem's GIA had already grown too dominant a presence in both numbers and collective talent that The One was dissuaded into non-existence. This set the precedent for all of the empire's future conflicts, that a combination of demoralization tactics and psychological warfare would be the means by which the empire executed its enemies.